Amy Butler crib skirt

I finished up the crib skirt this past weekend. It was the most challenging project I have worked on so far. I had never cut such large pieces of fabric before and I don’t really have the space to accommodate the task. Those two issues combined, along with some weird thing going on with the bobbin in my machine, made for mildly frustrating experience. I had to cut the decking fabric (the large piece that goes under the mattress) 3 times before I got it right. I ended up learning a lot about how to make my workspace work for me rather than against me though, which will definitely help out next time around.

It doesn’t really fit the way it should due to the crib construction. I think it is meant to lie against a flat surface – this crib has a sunken space for the mattress to fit inside. The solid end panels also posed a problem with the fit. In hindsight, I should have left off the two end panels of the skirt since they’re barely visible anyway. That would have made it go together cheaper and easier and fit this crib style much better…Next time.

The pattern is from Amy Butler’s book “Little Stitches for Little Ones“. It is the first project I have completed from the book and the pattern was pretty easy to follow, although I would have liked a few more diagrams. It’s definitely easy enough for a novice to complete. The fabric is Amy Butler’s Sun Glow from her Belle line.

I love how it all turned out and the fabric really makes the room come together.

Next up is the bumper.


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