new carpet

We ordered our carpet from Lowe’s. It’s made from recycled PET plastic. The carpet itself is really dense, moreso than either of us prefer, but we put it on top of premium pad which makes it feel really plush.

We did have to pack up everything in all the three rooms before the carpet could be installed which took the better part of two weeks. It was a bit like moving, without going anywhere.  It was a great experience overall though. The people in the store were very helpful in finding just the right carpet for us. The installers (two young guys who looked more like they should be laying poolside at a frat house than working a carpentry gig) moved our heavy furniture out of the rooms and back again – they were fast, friendly, and professional. A Lowe’s rep came out to see how things were going just as the installers were finishing up. Plus they vaccuumed and helped Scott move a couple of other bulky items we had stored in the garage back into the baby’s room before they left.

Now all that’s left to do in the nursery is decorate (Hooray!).

Things are still a bit disheveled and the cats are quite upset about the whole ordeal. Murray was beside himself the night before the install because we moved their litter box and Scott’s office furniture into the living room. This has resulted in two nights of him meowing and tearing through the house when we settle into bed for the night. And, Cheza, who had not shown any sign of distress previously, began moaning around 3 am this morning for one reason or another. I’m hoping they will settle down a bit once we get everything back in place.


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