Butteryfly frame

I created this butterfly frame based on a sample on the alied wards blog. It’s a super easy project and went together in a matter of minutes. The butterflies are made from scrapbook paper which was cut with a craft punch. (Thanks to my goddess-of-paper-crafts buddy Holly for providing much-needed advice and cutting out the butterflies for me). It turned out even better than I expected. We used the left over butterflies on the wall and I have a ton of paper left over for other things. I’m thinking of covering the light switch plate with it.

Project Supplies:

  • Frame: 11×14″ with 8×10 mat opening, from Michaels, $12
  • Paper: Boy themed pad of paper from Michaels, $15 (with a a lifetime supply left over for other projects)
  • Foam dot stickers -to allow the butterflies to stand out from the paper – also purchased at Michaels, $2.
  • Butterfly punch – supplied by a crafty friend (Michaels has one by Martha Stewart) 


  • cut butterflies (or whatever shape you like; hearts, birds, etc) out of craft paper
  • attach foam sticker dots to backs of butterflies
  • remove back and mat from frame
  • place mat face up over sheet of paper, I just used a blank sheet of white printer paper.
  • arrange butterflies in a pleasing design on the paper, remove backing on stickers, affix butterflies to paper
  • reinsert mat into frame, add backing, hang on wall, stand back and admire a job well done.

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