Things I Love: on-the-go breakfasts


My favorite on-the-go breakfast is Horizon 2% organic milk in the aseptic carton and a Clif bar (typically chocolate chip). I ate this all the time before pregnancy too. It’s just filling enough to get me through until lunch without a snack – but doesn’t have so many calories that I feel guilty if I do have a mid morning snack. It also curbed my nausea in the early months. I also typically eat it the mornings I know I’m going in for a blood draw for the same reason. Plus both companies are great, particularly Clif who does a lot for the planet and local communities (Horizon has come under scrutiny lately since being purchased by Dean Foods).

At home, I like the Horizon milk with DHA or Lactaid, both are thicker than regular 2% and I really like the taste (neither Scott or I are lactose intolerant though). But, the aseptic packs are great because they are shelf stable without the use of preservatives and lasts quite a while before the expiration date is up (they’re also great for camping trips because they don’t require refrigeration until you open them). I buy it by the case with Subscribe & Save through Amazon or from Whole Foods.  We’re both big fans of the strawberry too.


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