the nursery: art sneak peek

I have been working on gathering and making art pieces for the walls. Luckily, Michaels just happened to be having a sale on frames when I stopped by the other day so I picked up a bunch at 40% off. Here’s where I’m at so far. As a side note, I downloaded most of the prints for free from the Feed Your Soul art project website – an awesome resource.

This is the whole collection in various states of doneness.

I was originally thinking of hanging bird houses at various points on the tree mural for a 3D effect on the walls. I fell in love with this one, also from Michaels, but have since changed my mind and am leaning more towards a woodland creatures theme than a bird theme. But, I’m keeping this and plan to put it on a small table near the nursing chair along with whatever lamp I end up buying. It reminds me of all the elaborate building facades in Europe.

This is a resized version of this print by Angela Vandenbogaard – downloadable for free from Feed Your Soul.

In the black frame is my version of this print. I loved the idea of it, but wanted a skinny girl without the pink, so I decided to make my own. The “K” is made from scrap book paper and a flower cut out that was used on our wedding invitations. The tiny print of a girl and bunny is a cropped version of a print by Naoko Stoop – also a free download.

On the left is a cropped image by Asja Boro. And, on the right, Nan Lawson.

I finished a few more birds for the mobile project too.

This is going to be a nightlight, like the one pictured here – as soon as we figure out how to accomplish it without spending the $300 specialty shop price on the website (so far we’ve invested $5 for the birdhouse). The hitch in the plan is it has to be LED, cordless, look nice, and be easy to turn off/on. Scott is brainstorming and we’re going to poke around the lighting section at Ikea next time we’re there for ideas.


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