planning the hosital bag

I’ve always been a less-is-more kinda girl. I don’t typically carry a purse around with me. I’d rather not bring 10 bags of stuff  to the hospital if I don’t have to. Less stuff means less to haul around and keep track of and put away later when I’m tired and sore. Plus, I really don’t want anything of mine getting gross during or after delivery so that makes it a bit easier to narrow the list. I’m not bringing my pillow or blanket or wearing my own clothes while I’m there. And, the hospital will provide the essentials for the baby so I don’t need to bring much for her. They also take care of most of my needs so I only need to bring the things that will “make me comfortable” during my stay. They also provide towels and bedding for Scott, along with drinks & snacks for us and our visitors and all my meals post delivery. 

During our tour they suggested bringing 3 bags to the hospital, one for me, one for Scott and one for the baby. Seeing as the baby doesn’t need much I’ll be using one bag for both of us, a backpack for Scott, and one additional bag for all of the tech gear we can’t live without. We also get to take any left-over diapers, formula, medical supplies (and basically anything else that isn’t nailed down) so we’re bringing along an empty bag to stuff all of the extras into on our way out.  These lists may change after we have our child birth class in May, but for now I’m planning on the following:

For Me:

  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • deodorant
  • Burt’s Bees Radiance kit: lip balm, bath soap, body wash, face lotion, day cream, night cream, eye cream, body lotion
  • hair tie
  • hard candy (Lifesavers, TicTacs, Gobstoppers)
  • hair brush
  • makeup: foundation, powder, mascara
  • postnatal care: tucks pads, dermoplast, overnight pads
  • vicks vaporub – I read that smelling this straight out of the jar helps you breathe through contractions
  • nursing bra
  • nursing pads
  • package of cotton underwear (that I’ll toss as I use)
  • dress & sandels to wear home
  • robe and slippers
  • breast pump (I’m not taking the class so I thought I could sneak in a hands-on demo with my own pump & the lactation consultant while I’m there. I bought the Avent manual pump for now just in case the whole breast feeding thing doesn’t work out. If it does, I’ll buy an electric pump before I go back to work.)
  • boppy pillow (maybe – i’m torn on this one due to its size)
For the baby:

  • hat
  • outfit
  • blanket
  • car seat (Graco Snug Ride – a hand-me-down from Scott’s sister)

For Scott:

  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • deodorant
  • lip balm
  • a spare tee-shirt
  • hoodie
  • full change of clothes

  • digital camera &  flip video plus chargers
  • phones and chargers
  • ipod
  • Belkin mini surge protector (this is one of my favorite things. It has a USB port on it so I can charge my phone without connecting it to the computer).
  • laptop or netbook & charger- we haven’t decided which to bring yet (the hospital has free wi-fi so we can use the laptop to post pictures and for quick status updates without having to call everyone, plus entertainment during our two day post delivery stay)



  • bottle of champagne & glasses
  • baby book (for footprints)
  • insurance card & driver’s license
  • hospital booklet and paperwork

I’m not worried about forgetting anything  really, the hospital is 30 minutes from our house .  And, it’s not like we’re traveling to another dimension where they don’t have a Walgreens or CVS on every corner. If we leave something behind we can send someone off on an errand – it will give them something to do other than pace the visitors’ lounge.


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