Things I Love: Mustela Ultimate Hydration

I started using Mustela’s Ultimate Hydration on my belly at 9 weeks and it has been, hands down, the best lotion I have ever used in my life. I put it on right after my shower in the morning and my belly still feels moisturized by the time I change for bed at night. I’m about halfway through the tube after 16 weeks of daily use.  It absorbs quickly and has a very light scent which helped out a lot in the beginning when I developed a sensitivity to the smell of the Burt’s Bee’s body butter I had been using (the artificial honey smell threw my morning sickness into overdrive). Ultimate Hydration keeps my skin feeling super soft and I haven’t had any problems with itching. I can’t attest to how well it works to keep those dreaded stretch marks away since my belly is still relatively small at 25 weeks. Although, one of the reasons I purchased this product was due to all the reviews online about how well it worked to prevent them. I have since learned that no cream, with the exception of something containing retinal-A  (which you can’t use during pregnancy), will help prevent stretch marks – the best advice on the subject seems to be drink lots of water and have good genes.  I would love to continue using this product after I deliver but, I’ll probably switch to a different Mustela lotion that isn’t quite so pricey since I won’t need all the added moisture at that point. I’m sold on the brand though and I’m planning on using Mustela products on the baby as well. ToysRUs runs frequent sales on the product line, but I purchased my first tube from


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