Hospital Tour

Our first prenatal “class” was a tour of the hospital. I was thinking of skipping it but decided in the end that it might be worth it to take a look. Let me just say, WoW!   The hospital where I am set to deliver is beautiful and the staff are friendly. Scott and I were both impressed. The picture above is an example of one of the private rooms I’ll be in during labor and delivery. Within a few hours of the birth I’ll be moved to a private recovery room where I’ll be for the rest of my stay (it looks pretty much the same). We have tons of options available to us from the use of a birthing ball and lactation consultants to keeping the baby in the room with us instead of the nursery, or not. There’s a large lounge area for family and visitors to hang out when I want some privacy too. And, if something should go wrong there is a neonatal care unit  and c-section delivery rooms on the same floor of the hospital. Plus we don’t have to bring anything for the baby except clothes to go home in, the hospital will provide everything else – and let us take whatever we don’t use home with us.

I’m feeling very much at ease and I’m so glad I went. As a side note, even at 6 months along, I had the smallest belly there. That spured Scott’s competetive side – so, I promised to be bigger by the time we do our birthing class in May  😉

In my defense, some of those women looked like they were about to pop and should not have been allowed to leave.


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