the perfect diaper bag?

I have been scouring the Internet for the perfect diaper bag for quite some time. I’ve watched a ton of videos on YouTube, read blogs and parenting advice columns, checked the isles of local baby gear stores. In the end “the perfect diaper bag” seems to be a matter of opinion. However, I did hone mine while doing all this looking around. I knew lots of pockets would be essential, the ability to use it after it’s done being a diaper bag would appeal to my practical side, and having something that Scott wouldn’t be embarrassed to throw on his shoulder would be important too. I thought I had settled on Ju-Ju-Be JJB Messenger dad bag in Khaki/Orange. I love the colors and would definitely use it again but, at $125 retail price, I was waiting for a sale (or ebay deal).

That was before our trip to REI last weekend where we stumbled on the Sherpani yoga bag in the clearance bin. They only had it in black, but that’s ok because it’s more dad friendly that way (as long as dad can get past the flowery interior fabric – but Scott actually prefered this bag to the more masculine Keen bag that we compared it to). The Sherpani has pockets everywhere, inside, outside, on the straps, a couple for water bottles and even a lined one for swimsuits that will be perfect for messy/wet  clothes. Plus it’s made from 67% recycled fabric! It also has adjustable yoga mat straps on the back so I can use it for ‘the perfect gym bag’ later on down the road. And, perhaps best of all, it was only $40, marked down from $70. A steal, particularly compared to other diaper bags out there in the $40 range.  I picked up a  First Years Deluxe Fold ’n’ Go Diaper Kit  from Target so we have a changing pad in the bag (and we’ll be able to use the fold n go on its own when we don’t feel like lugging the entire bag around with us). We’ll have to wait a few months to see if it really is the perfect diaper bag, but it certainly seems like a winner right now.


One thought on “the perfect diaper bag?

  1. I’m all about bags and this one looks excellent, got to have room for several outfits as well as all the other stuff – black is always good, shows less dirt too.

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