Organic Wood Blocks

After seeing all the sets of wood blocks for sale on Etsy I started looking into making a set for the baby. Wood is cheap, but we don’t have the tools required for cutting and sanding and the idea of cutting a bunch of little cubes with a hack saw and a miter box doesn’t seem like it would be much fun. Even if I managed to get that far, the baby would probably be in college by the time I finished sanding all the edges.

So, I gave up and decided to purchase a set for $30 from one of my favorite Etsy sellers – Little Sappling Toys. There are 24 blocks in the set I chose, they are made from Walnut, Maple and Cherry wood and lightly finished in local beeswax and organic jojoba oil. The shop also sells a 15 block set as well, and they have a few different finishes to choose from, all organic. They are not cheap, but I don’t mind paying a little extra to support artisans who create quality, hand-made items. The blocks beautiful, and sure to last a long time. Maybe the baby’s baby will even play with them some day.


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