Organic Crib Mattress

We got a great deal on the organic crib mattress from We ordered the Naturepedic 150, which is a step below the top of the line. had a sale that week for 15% off, free shipping and an additional $10 off for being a new customer – too good to pass up. We saved a total of  $26 bringing the mattress down to $233. The Naturepedic features a 150 coil orthopedic innerspring, U.S. grown organic cotton filling and a waterproof surface so pure that it meets food contact standards (NO Vinyl/ PVC, phthalates, lead, or antimicrobial biocides). It cost more than the crib, but considering it could last 5-6 years in toddler bed mode, and if it does that’s less than $50 a year. Totally worth the extra indulgence to provide a chemical free sleep environment for the baby, and peace of mind for us.

I also bought 4 organic cotton fitted crib sheets from BabyGap in white and ecru during their 15% off sale, I also had a $10 off coupon code for being a loyal customer (have I mentioned how much I love the Gap chain?). I hear white and babies don’t mix but I’m not worried about it. The neutral color will go with whatever nursery theme we decide on and allow us to pass them down to baby #2 someday.

The mattress arrived 2 days after I ordered it so we assembled the crib just long enough to make sure the mattress fit before taking it all apart again. We still need to strip the wallpaper, paint and get new carpet before we start officially setting the nursery up. Five months left – too bad the baby probably won’t give us an extension.


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