Eco friendly on a budget

We have started purchasing pieces of the nursery furniture. The challenge has been to stay as true to our commitment to the environment as possible while not draining our bank accounts. Not knowing exactly what we’re getting into it’s difficult to set a budget. I do my best to wait for sales and scrimp on the less important things. That gives us the opportunity to splurge in other areas where we don’t want to sacrifice our values/health/safety/sanity. For instance, I could care less about having a fancy crib, I just want it to be safe. Furniture and I don’t get along very well anyway. There isn’t one piece in my house that doesn’t have a ding, scratch or gouge somewhere on it. Most of our furniture came from Ikea at one point or another, so I don’t have to feel bad about beating the hell out of something I didn’t pay much for in the first place. On the other hand, I think the mattress is one of the most important items in the nursery considering how much time the baby will spend on it. I also want to do my best to buy organic and natural textiles for the baby’s bedding and clothes. Those are items I’m willing to splurge on. Needless to say, outfitting the nursery all started with a trip to IKEA for the crib. We initially set out to buy the Gulliver but, after seeing it in person, Scott thought it didn’t feel sturdy enough. So, after a short debate in the middle of the children’s department we ended up settling on the Leksvik crib instead  for a wallet friendly $159.

It was hard to argue with the practicality of the toddler bed option, especially knowing  we were going to purchase an organic mattress that cost almost twice as much as the crib.  Having something that will grow with the baby will give us more bang for the buck in the long run. It’s also a huge bonus that it’s made out of renewable wood and can be recycled when we are done with it.

We also picked out a dresser that will double as a changing table; The Malm 3 drawer chest was on sale for $39 that weekend – a steal. We’ll store diapers and wipes and other bum friendly accessories in there until we’re ready to make the leap into the wonderful world of potty training.

Later we picked up an organic changing pad from ToysRUs that fits the dresser perfectly. At close to $30 it was more expensive than other pads but we had a gift card and a 20% off coupon so it was easy to justify the higher price tag (and in the end, for us it was free). It has a strap to fasten it down to the top of the dresser and contour sides that should help keep the baby from rolling off unexpectedly. I would have prefered a plain white exterior to the ‘sleep sheep’ pattern, but it’s nothing that a fabric cover won’t fix.


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