12 Week Ultrasound

I had my first trimester nuchal translucency screening test today. The first trimester test involves an ultrasound and a test of my blood to determine the baby’s risk of down syndrome. We had already decided that if further testing was needed we would go in for a CVS test, which is similar to amniocentesis, but can be performed much earlier in the pregnancy. Results from the first trimester and CVS testing are only as good as the doctor who performs them. So, my doctor sent me to a specialist who pioneered CVS testing and could give us the results much faster. Not only was he a great guy, he had an awesome Ultrasound machine with 3D imaging capabilities and two monitors so we got to watch on our own screen.  The gel he used on my belly had a warming agent in it too which was a pleasant surprise. If he wasn’t so far away I’d consider switching – just for the acess to updated technology.  But, a two hour drive just isn’t practical, especially as my due date nears. I really like my regular doctor, it’s just her office staff that leaves something to be desired (and one particular nurse who I’m quite sure couldn’t find a vein in my body if her life depended on it – and that’s not for lack of trying. P.S. getting stuck in the wrist hurts a lot more than you might think).

The baby wasn’t very active and required lots of prodding to move into a good position for the test. He told us on the spot that everything looked fine we’ll just have to wait for my blood test to come back to know for sure if we need more testing.


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