A non-cloth option for eco friendlier diapers

The biggest hurdle for us to overcome regarding the “green” issue was the question of what to do about diapers. 50 million diapers get tossed each day and each one takes up to 500 years to biodegrade. Just thinking about it makes my heart sink.

I started researching our diaper options as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Before I began I thought our only alternative to disposables was cloth. With the prospect of daycare in our future, cloth just isn’t going to work for us. At the time I thought we were going to be stuck with disposables and I started stocking up on a case here and there as they went on sale at Toys R Us. ToysRUs has a program for their rewards card members where if you buy 9 cases of the same brand (Huggies or Pampers) you get a 10th case free. They also occasionally give you $10 gift cards with you purchase a case of diapers which also cuts down on the per diaper cost.  I decided on Pampers, who also has a gifts to grow rewards program, and set out to stock up on 9 cases of 1’s, 2’s and 3’s to get my 10th case free.

I ended up with 5 cases before I stumbled upon gDiapers whie surfing the web one day.  I was instantly enticed by the promise of biodegradable disposables that could be flushed, composted, or tossed, guilt free.

gDiapers use a biodegradable gRefill or re-usable gCloth that is placed inside a waterproof liner that is snapped into an outer cloth cover called a gPant. They come in three sizes and should last until potty training.

I bought the New Baby Bundle directly from the gDiaper website, which included 12 tiny gPants for newborns, 6 small gPants, and a case of biodegradable gRefils for $149. I also ordered an additional case of small biodegradable refills from Amazon for 44.20 with the subscribe and save discount (44.20/160 diapers=0.27 cents a piece, 0.5 cents cheaper per diaper than standard price). I also plan on buying a set of cloth inserts to use at home on the weekends if we decide we like them.

The downside is that there is a pretty steep start up cost to invest in this product before you even know if it will work out for you. We have several cases of regular diapers to fall back on if/when gDiapers aren’t appropriate. And, if we don’t use the regular disposables I can always sell the cases on Craigslist or Ebay.

The upside is that gDiapers are better for the environment and, since we plan on having two kids, we’ll only need to purchase refills in the future an we’ll get twice the mileage out of the gPant covers and cloth inserts. Speaking of gPants, you can find them used on Ebay for a fairly decent price. I’m going to pick up the rest of our covers that way. When we’re all done I’ll try to sell them back on Ebay and recoup some of the cost while giving another family the chance to try out an eco friendly option at a discount.   

When the baby gets here I’ll put up a review of our experience with gDiapers.


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