…and then there was you

I woke up early Thanksgiving morning. So many things could have been on my mind like getting the turkey out of the brine and into the oven, making the stuffing, carmelizing the tops of the creme brule, or setting the table before the family arrived. Instead, all I could think about was the possibility that I may be pregnant. I practically raced out of bed to take the test. The directions stated it could take up to 3 minutes to determine the results. I decided not to look until Scott was up so we could find out together, but the little hour glass on the display screen was replaced by the word “pregnant” before I even had a chance to set it down on the counter.  So much for the 3 minutes delay. On to plan b… I tied a red ribbon around the test stick, placed it under the tree, and waited patiently for Scott to wake up to break the news. When he began to stir I took him by the hand and dragged him, bleary eyed, to the Christmas tree. Still groggy with sleep, he resisted the prospect of opening a gift this soon before Christmas particularly since he didn’t have anything to give me in return yet. I had to pick up the test and practically shove it in his hand. He woke up instantly and threw his arms around me. We lingered there in the glow of the christmas tree lights, celebrating the best present we would receive that year.


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